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choosing your Bridal scent and meaning

wedding florist, wiltshire

Where do you start when picking flowers and greenery for your bouquet. I imagine if your anything like me, you start with what you like the look of. Flowers are incredibly visual and we all have our favourites… I’ve been recently doing some research into the history of flowers, floriography is the language of flowers….

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British flower week

Bath, British flower week 2017

British flower week is here, how are we already in the middle of June! I don’t where you are but Britain is experiencing a rather delightful heat wave, I’m sat at my computer writing this blog-post and melting in the process. However, the garden is LOVING the heat and colour is everywhere to be seen…

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Flower-crown workshops

Flower crown workshop, Bradford on Avon

I love hosting workshops at Young Blooms, and this one was a corker, we had a fab group of ladies who were staying here for a hen-party. They wanted something creative to do as the Bride herself was looking to do her own flowers for her wedding. So they decided to combine it all and…

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Flower Workshops 2017

It’s funny, my Mum always says that there are always seasons in life and it really used to annoy me. However I think, the older I get and the longer I run this business the more I see the truth in this! Christmas 2016  was all about our festive workshops, we had proper grown-up postcards…

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Planning your wedding flowers

Huge congratulations if you’ve gotten engaged over the festive period, it is such a fabulous feeling to be engaged so enjoy this time for all it’s worth, crack open some champagne and celebrate in style! To help you as you begin to plan the great day, we thought it would be helpful to look at…

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Christmas workshops

Our Christmas wreath workshops are fast approaching and so we thought we would try and tempt you into booking on to them. This year is exciting as we are hosting workshops at Hartley, the wonderful Pear Tree Inn and the lovely Inn at Freshford! Learn to make beautiful natural arrangements for your home that your…

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Welcome to our new Blog-Writers

At the start of a new week, I thought it would be good to introduce Helen and Christine who are going to be taking over the blog once a month, I’ll allow them to tell you a bit about themselves…. Hi, we are the gardeners who work in the ‘Not So Secret Garden’.  We sow the…

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Autumn photo-shoot in the Secret Garden

We recently gathered in the Not So Secret Garden for a bridal photo-shoot to welcome the new very quirky glass-house that has been built and also celebrate the fabulous wedding vendors that we have in this area. James Green was the photographer for the day and what a marvellous job he did…. We started with a wedding…

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Summer Bouquets

Its been a blur of wedding flowers this summer and we have been lucky to visit lots of beautiful venues some familiar and a couple of new ones slightly further afield which has been exciting! Always lovely to visit new venues and dress them with flowers for our brides. Brides have chosen gorgeous themes and colours…

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London weddings

It was with great excitement that we did our first London wedding a couple of weeks ago, it was certainly an adventure for the Young Blooms team. The family lives in Wiltshire, but the bride lives and works in Richmond. We had a jolly early start on the day of the wedding, the van was…

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