Wrapping your bouquet in a sustainable way

One of the skills I learnt how to do in my first florist shop job was how to make a hand-tie bouquet with spiral stems that could stand up. The next skill I learnt was how to gift wrap it, gift-wrapping has certainly evolved in our industry over time. You can use all sorts of different papers to wrap your flowers, I love that one of my sisthers-in-law wraps her presents in newspaper, you could do the exact same thing with flowers.

When I was first learning floristry, gift bouquets were wrapped in a lot of cellophane. We would do flat-backed bouquets for funerals and they would use acres of the stuff. My reason for writing this blog is that I want to look at a more sustainable way to wrap your flowers and create a step by step guide for you on how to do this.

Step 1: Create your hand-tie and gift wrap the flowers as seen below. If you need help on doing this then check out our youtube video here.

bouquet wrapping

Bouquet ready to be wrapped

gift-wrap bouquet

Top of bouquet is gift-wrapped

Step 2:

I have laid the eco flower-wrap with bag next to the bouquet so you can see what its like before soaked with water. I buy them from here.

gift wrapping flowers

Eco flower wrap

Step 3:

Soak your eco-wrap, wringing the water out but not wringing it tightly so that it keeps a good bit of moisture in. Then fold bottom of wrap up and cover stems, as seen in picture.

Step 4:

Simply wrap both sides of eco-wrap over and then place bag of all of the stems to hold wrap in place. Tie twine round bag tightly to hold everything in place.

Step 5:

The next step comes with three pictures, I wanted to find a way to hide the eco-wrap and add a finishing touch to what would make a gift bouquet something you would be happy to hand over to a friend. Cut yourself a length of brown paper and fold in two as seen in first picture below.

Next with the fold at the top, lay paper on bouquet. Scrunch paper round neck of bouquet as seen in picture 3.

Step 6:

Finally choose yourself an appropriate coloured ribbon and finish the wrap off with a bow and a flourish!