Making a dried flower wreath

Flower workshops are something that we do a lot of at Young Blooms, whether its hand-ties, flower-crowns or wreathes. We love teaching about flowers and this last weekend we had a first for us. We taught a group of women how to make dried flower wreathes and here’s how we did it.

Dried flower wreath workshop

The calm after the storm and some fabulous wreaths made.

Step one:

We provided the start of the wreath base and gave each lady a bunch of willow that they would weave themselves to create the wreath.



Step two:

We then provided each person with a small bunch of salim twigs to attach to the wreath base, you can buy them here. If you don’t have access them fine branches like hazel would work to loosely tie onto the base. The twigs make the wreath beefier and give it a bit of movement.


Step Three:

It was then a very simple process of creating small bunches of dried flowers and tying them onto the wreath. Having a good selection of flowers is helpful, we used helichrysum, lavender, dried seed heads, dried spray rose, thistle and also some fun feathers.

These wreaths are relatively simple and easy to create, something that for a group of 15 – 20 people took around two hours to make.