Learning new skills

Through the first lockdown I taught myself a new skill which was macrame, you can read about it here. Its always interesting learning a new skill, I am always keen to try something new but sometimes have to persevere after the initial excitement. I have dabbled with different ideas through the year, creating different designs for my youtube channel, which you can watch here.


Macrame chair design

macrame workshop

Macrame with some gorgeous ranunculas

The possibility of what you can create with macrame is endless and I’m looking forward to welcoming a group of ladies up to the workshop to create their own plant hangers, it should be great fun to see how they get on with it. I also had a go at creating a macrame hanger, I popped a slate into the bottom of the hanger and then created a dried flower design on. You can check it out here.

Macrame plant workshop

Workshop plant hanging

Through the winter lockdown I took the time to do some major deep cleaning and painting of my workshop. In the process I decided to do some up-cyling of some racking from my greenhouse. I created this board where I could hang the plants and keep them in a more ordered and tidy fashion.

I talked in my last blog post about our house being quite a difficult place for plants to survive as many of the windows don’t have ledges and as its an older house it is darker as a result. Creating this hangers has been the answer, however with my recent visit to my favourite plant shop I now have two rather large plants to make hangers for but thats another story…


Grace x