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Learning new skills

Through the first lockdown I taught myself a new skill which was macrame, you can read about it here. Its always interesting learning a new skill, I am always keen to try something new but sometimes have to persevere after the initial excitement. I have dabbled with different ideas through the year, creating different designs…

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For the love of peonies

peony wreath

The sun is shining here in Wiltshire and I was working in my garden this morning and noticed that buds are forming on my coral charm peony plant! Having never grown these before, you can understand I was a little excited. As a florist, I think peony are one of my favourite flowers to work…

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Award winning business

With all the ups and downs of Covid, Young Blooms has also had moments of complete delight! Back in January it was wonderful for Grace as Owner of Young Blooms to recognised in #ialso 100 list for 2021, f:Entrepreneur is a campaign that highlights female business leaders across the UK. Through events, content and story-telling,…

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Spring wreath making

Spring door wreath

We are all used to dressing our front doors with fabulous Christmas wreaths over the festive period, however I don’t about you but this year I was quite sad to take that festive wreath down. We’ve all needed a bit more joy wherever we can find it, so I decided to create a Spring Wreath…

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DIY Christmas

I hope by this point in the festive season you have worked your way through the chocolate selection box and caught up on your favourite new series, though I wonder whether you’ve been doing your new craft project as well? Due to the obvious restrictions this Christmas Young Blooms was unable to hold wreath workshops…

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Young Blooms floristry school YouTube channel

I’ve been wanting to blog about Young Blooms Youtube channel for a while. I started the channel a year ago, this was with the view that it would be complementary to Young Blooms flower school.  Tutorials vary on the channel quite a lot, I’ve created some that are chatting with other people I know who…

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Learning a new skill and getting stuck into Macrame

macrame plant hanger, southwest

As we head into week three of lockdown here in the uk, I wanted to share a bit of the fun I’ve been having getting stuck into macrame. You can click here to find out a bit of the history of this knot-tying craft, its incredible really as its been around possibly since the third…

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Growing flowers

This is certainly an interesting topic to write about at an interesting time. Outside the sun is shining and it feels like Spring is very much here and yet last night our Prime Minster announced that we are now only advised/allowed to go out of the house three times a day! So my thinking is,…

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Getting creative rest

Sustainable floristry mechanics.

Now you might wonder at the title I have given this blog, but I’ve just been in California for a couple of weeks. I’m not wanting to show off but I want to talk about the whole idea of creative rest! I read a blog recently that stated the following.. ‘Neuroscience is finding that when…

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Making a succulent bracelet

succulent art

I couldn’t resist sharing this short tutorial on creating a succulent bracelet as I had a lot of fun making it. I was inspired by visiting Succulent gardens in Castroville, California. When you first turn into the nursery you get to see this amazing wall design which I feel in love with, you can see…

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