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Getting creative rest

Sustainable floristry mechanics.

Now you might wonder at the title I have given this blog, but I’ve just been in California for a couple of weeks. I’m not wanting to show off but I want to talk about the whole idea of creative rest! I read a blog recently that stated the following.. ‘Neuroscience is finding that when…

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Making a succulent bracelet

succulent art

I couldn’t resist sharing this short tutorial on creating a succulent bracelet as I had a lot of fun making it. I was inspired by visiting Succulent gardens in Castroville, California. When you first turn into the nursery you get to see this amazing wall design which I feel in love with, you can see…

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Comparison versus reality

Flower retreat

This blog-post has been brewing in my head since the new year. Its only been since I’ve come away that I’ve had a chance to get some thoughts down. There has been a lot written about the ability to compare oneself to others online and then view ourselves in a negative light as a result……

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French floral retreat part 2

floral retreat, france

Have you dreamed of spending a weekend in a chateau, living in a place that is so beautifully curated that you can’t quite believe it? My Mum used to get old country living magazines from a friend of hers when I was young and I loved flicking through all the pictures of those gorgeous houses….

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Autumn wedding

Wiltshire wedding

  This wedding, shown below, was such a pleasure to create, held at the Field Kitchen in Holt back in the Autumn. I worked with Philipa the Bride to create her style and feeling for the day. She carried a very natural style bouquet of blue delphinium, thlaspi, ivory wax flower, feverfew and lovely pops…

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French Floral Retreat part one

Floral retreat

I’m super excited to tell you about the floral retreat that Young Blooms has created for April 2020. It will be happening at Chateau de la ruche Home to Tim & Rebecca, the chateau is in the loire valley near La Mans. I went out with the friend for the weekend back in the Autumn to…

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Sustainable Floristry

sustainable floristry

I’ve been interested in the no floral foam movement for a while now and have integrated some designs around this idea into the first year of tutorials for the Young Blooms flower school.  There are two nofloralfoam accounts that I follow on instagram that recently had been asking participants to fill in a survey around…

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Learning through 1:1 workshops

It’s been an age since I’ve written a blog and Young Blooms has been busy with wedding season. However I wanted to share about some of the fab 1:1 sessions I’ve had with a number of florists who have come learn more and expand their floristry skills. Louise from Rural flowers came and learnt about…

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Flower Workshops

Flower workshops, wiltshire

I wanted to share more about the floral archway workshop that happened this month. A group of seven florists gathered with me at Emmanuels yard in Trowbridge to learn how to create an free-standing archway using no floral foam.   The weather was utterly glorious and the sunshine was out as we started construction. It…

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Learning floristry

I wanted to share more about the Young Blooms Online floristry School at the beginning of the new year. Learning a new skill or updating your abilities is such a positive thing to do as the year begins. I guess you can call something like this a way to invest in yourself. I read this…

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