Wedding trends for 2023

wedding bouquet

We are finally here at the last day of January! It’s been a long month, however the weather is slowly getting warmer and we feel more able to approach the year. We were really happy when we read a blogpost by Love my Dress on trends for the coming year and wanted to share some thoughts to help in planning your wedding flowers.

The wedding report from Love My Dress highlights the really interesting times that we are living in and when it comes to planning your wedding it can be even more so. Thinking about the costs involved, issues around coming out of the pandemic and also environmental issues.

At Young Blooms, we have always tried to grow as many flowers for weddings as we can manage as sustainability is something that has always resonated with us. Over the last year or so as we have come out of the pandemic we have been more determined than ever to increase our growing ability and in general buy more British flowers and foliage.

British grown dahlia

The perfect august table centre for your wedding


New years eve bridal bouquet of dried flowers

Our 2022 new years eve bride carried this dried flower bouquet down the aisle.

We’ve found in using British grown flowers, whether we have grown them ourselves or bought from other growers, the need to be more flexible on flower types. If you can work from a colour palette as opposed to a certain type of flower that gives us more flexibility to have fun as you will see below.

In the photo below because our dahlia were so slow to get going last year it meant we had just the right amount for a late October wedding.


elm hay wedding flowers

Bridal bouquet made using gorgeous roses grown in wales (photo by storyboxfilms)


We are seeing more and more couples being interested in the sustainable element of their weddings and knowing that their flowers are locally grown helps massively. Our aim at Young Blooms is to get to a stage where all our flowers we use for weddings are British grown and with that we are excited to be adding to our growing team. We have been buying flowers from the lovely Vanessa at foxglove garden. She is a brilliant flower grower who will getting involved in growing more for Young Blooms and we are excited to see what happens.