Foam free top table arrangement

Foam free floristry

Happy Monday folks, I’m on track for another foam free design for you to enjoy, this time perfect for either a ceremony table or top table at your wedding reception. So if your planning your wedding or interested to add to your repertoire as a wedding florist then I hope you find the following helpful.

As you can see below, I started with a bunch of clematis vine which I shaped into a large sausage, I used reel wire to hold it together. It was sort of double thickness as I looped the ends back in on themselves. It obviously needs to be a decent thickness to hold the moss and weight of flowers.


no floral foam design

The bases for the design


Stage two was adding the moss, again this was moss that was left over from Christmas wreath making! I folded decent chunks of it together in my hands and then wired it onto the vines. Leaving the ends uncovered as it felt like it was part of the design and not an ugly mechanic that no one wants to see.

moss based floristry design

Moss no attached to design.

I started with foliage, the eucalyptus was the ‘Nicoli’ variety and the drape of it suited the style of design as it will sit and the edge of any table. I would always say to use a mixture of foliages as it helps with creating texture.

Foam free floristry

Flowers all added in

Adding in the flowers was straight forward, I always find the knack of twisting the stem into the moss helps get it in securely. The overall design felt very relaxed and nature. It was also interesting in that because the design was in moss it didn’t have to be so densely packed.


Hope you find this helpful.

Grace x

The list of flowers added is below….


3 stems of viburnum

3 stems of spray rose (i used ‘Antigua’

3 stems of scutellaria

3 stems of purple linoleum

3 stems of lilac lisanthus

1 bunch of tulips

7 stems of ranunculus.

Foliage included a mixture of ferns, eucalyptus and berried ivy.