Pumpkin flowers

flowers and candles in pumpkin,

In the run up to Halloween do you decorate your house? My family growing up were never much into decorating for this season, however I’m a huge fan of more seasonal decorations. We did a wedding last week at the Moonraker hotel and the bride had hollowed out creamy yellow pumpkins which we filled with flowers.

Pumpkin filled with flowers

So affective as a table decoration

Its such a effective way to dress tables for a wedding reception if your going for the autumn colours and style. We simply sank small jam-jars into the hollowed out pumpkin.

I wanted to try two different size pumpkins for this blogpost, one to be filled with dried flowers and one to be all fresh. However the fresh flowers are all going to be british grown as I want to see what’s still available colour wise and see how inventive we can get with this season.

As with my Autumn wreath blog  there was a certain amount of material that was foraged and found on dog walks so do keep your eyes peeled for beautiful bits that you want to have if your following along and making your own pumpkin design.

I tried a mini pumpkin filled with dried flowers and you can see it being created on our instagram page here.  This pumpkin only measured about 5cm in height so we’ve been enjoying having it on our dining room table.

Dried flower pumpkin


I wanted also to look at putting candles and fresh flowers into a pumpkin for a seasonal table design but i didn’t want to use a jam-jar, so I started by chopping a hole in the top of the pumpkin. I didn’t bother to scrape any of the seeds or stringy stuff out of the middle as I reckoned that would help the flowers and candles stay upright, a natural chicken wire if you will!


I then bent some green wire into hairpin shapes and used some thin velcro to attach them to the candles. I’m a fan of using velcro as its reusable and better than using floristry tape.


I stabilised them in the pumpkin and then filled the pumpkin with water, it is after all a natural vase and I can’t imagine it will leak water. I used some British grown stranvasia berries as my foliage to start, the leaves had started turning a beautiful orange colour which worked for the design.


I finished the design off with a couple of burgundy dahlia and chrysanthemum grown by us! I loved trying a new design and knowing that it was all british grown makes it even better.