Creating Milk Churn arrangments

British flower milk churn

Milk Churns are something we love filling with flowers at Young Blooms, they work perfectly as statement arrangements and are easy to move which we are a fan of. Couples can use has them as designs to be placed by altar or ceremony table and then move them onto their reception. We’ve put them at the entrance to tipis, had them in churches. placed them in porches of churches and put them as welcome flowers in venues.

The reason we wanted to write this blogpost is to show a rather marvellous milk churn that we acquired back in the summer, its from one of our favourite shops BB vintage,

The dahlias in our flower garden have kicked into gear so it seemed like the perfect time to create a no floral foam, British flower milk churn.

British flower milk churn

We love how the flowers sit in the churn.

The beauty of this churn is the lid, which might sound weird. Over the years we have worked out mechanics that allow us to create these designs without using floral foam and mostly involving chicken wire. But that has meant finding plastic pots which will fit into the base of the churn which we then stuff with chicken wire. You also then have to pack the churn full of cardboard so that the pot doesn’t drop into the churn from the weight of the flowers, its fun being a florist right!

British flower milk churn

The lid is flipped over and used to put flowers in.

As you can see from the picture above, the lid is flipped over and stuffed full of chicken wire. There are very helpful holes in the lid and also the churn for the string to be threaded through which is holding the chicken wire in place.

Its always good to think about the logistics of your design, is it something you are going to move from ceremony to reception? If that was the case with the churn above, then we would simply tie the string underneath the lid and not attach it to the base.

A good bit of forward planning is needed! 🙂

You can see other churns that we have designed for various venues, so do enjoy looking through.

Milk churn flower arrangement

Wick farm alcove with our milk churn flowers


Tipi milk churn


Milk churn flowers