Making a Christmas table centre

I recently came across a rather lovely company online called Highgate Honey and treated myself to a beautiful handmade advent candle. I always remember my mum having one in our kitchen during the run-up to Christmas so I thought I would do the same this year and create a table-centre around it.

Materials you will need for your table centre


So I gathered the following ingredients….

  • Pine cones
  • Three stems of fir
  • Three stems of conifer
  • Two stems of red berries
  • couple of stems of dried flower of your choice
  • Moss
  • Plant pot
  • Jam-jar
  • Three stems of pink heather


I half filled the jam-jar with water and placed in the bottom of the pot, my theory being that the mossed that I packed in the pot on top would continue to soak up the water and keep the foliage alive. A nice way to not have to use floral foam.You see the video of this being made on Young Blooms Instagram page here.

Once the pot was fully packed with moss, I attached wires to the candle as you can see in the photo. If use tape if you don’t have velcro! 🙂 These wires allow you to poke the candle into the moss and keep it stable.




Once the candle is in, you can start putting the foliage into the design. I always fine its good to get a decent coverage of greenery before you place any of the extra decorations like berries and pinecones. When you cut the foliage, always cut the stem on a angle as the pointy bit makes it easier to get it into the moss. Also, strip the stem of foliage just where it goes into moss making it easier for you to place it in.

The final design


I finished off the design by adding in the pine cones, heather, berries and dried flowers. I love texture and so adding these bits in at different heights adds movement and interest to the table-centre.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little how-to, look forward to seeing you next time.


Grace x