Making an Autumn door wreath

autumn wreath

I don’t know about you but the weather has turned and the winter jumpers have come out of the cupboard and I’ve started making soup again; I Love this time of year, I’ve wanted to make an autumn wreath for my door ever since finding that Kate from Grown Green at Hartley Farm had been growing these very cute mini pumpkins; they’re below 3 inches wide each,  making them easy to wire onto a wreath.

We have a forthysia bush outside our front door that has been sprouting like crazy and needed a trim so I used the long stems from it to weave the wreath base. If you find it difficult to get the weaving started, you can always use a bit of wire to attach two stems together to create a circle and then that should help you.

weaving a wreath base

One weaved wreath base


I then began to wire and attach the pumpkins as they were the largest objects going onto the wreath and I wanted to make sure they were secure. As you can see below, I posted two strong wires through the base of the pumpkin.

wiring pumpkins

Two strong wires poked through base of pumpkin

Then I placed them on the wreath where I wanted them, twisted wires together at back to make them secure.

wiring pumpkins onto wreath

Pumpkins are now attached.


This is where the fun parts starts: you get to add all the detail to the wreath! I’ve been gathering autumnal items together for the past few weeks; you can do the same or you might have a stash of your own seasonal bits that you want to add to your creation.

  • Dried sunflower heads
  • Dried leaves (lovely to have a mix of shapes)
  • Acorn seed heads
  • love-in-the-mist seed heads
  • feathers
  • Old mans beard (clematis vitalba)
  • Dried hydrangea
  • Dried helichrysum
  • Ivy berries

As you can see pretty much anything autumnal and flowery can go on a wreath like this. Do keep your eyes peeled if your out walking the dog or you just enjoy a stroll in nature, as you can always pick up leaves and acorns from the ground, you might find other seasonal treats too.

To attach the flowers and other items to the wreath I used a hot glue gun, there is a floristry cold glue that you can use if you would rather and I’ve put the link in for you to see it.

Making an autumn wreath

Starting to glue items on

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start and so I’ve put together a board on Young Blooms Pinterest account to maybe give you some inspiration. I always find it helpful to look at other peoples work that I admire to get ideas.

Take your time gluing items on and enjoy the process, I found the dark heads of the sunflowers balanced quite nicely against the pumpkins and the dried leaves helped frame the whole design.

Heres my final creation below, it will be going on my front door very soon.

autumn wreath

The finished article.