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I wanted to share more about the Young Blooms Online floristry School at the beginning of the new year. Learning a new skill or updating your abilities is such a positive thing to do as the year begins. I guess you can call something like this a way to invest in yourself. I read this great article on Huffingtonpost around this topic, investing in your creativity is a worthwhile thing to do, it builds self-confidence and self belief. Trying something new or taking risk and investing in growing your abilities can feel scary. The reason I love the flower school is that its something you can watch in the comfort of your own home or if your on your phone in a coffee shop. Its very easy and accessible.


wedding florist, bath

Lots of rich lovely colour

I know that for me starting out in the floristry world, I learnt on the job. Watching what other florists were doing around me, I found it easy to copy from books and learnt the basics that way. So jump forward 20 years and we have the Young Blooms Online Floristry School. I want it to be a way to learn for those who are thinking of doing their own wedding flowers, right through to the florist with a new business who is just starting out and equally those who just love flowers and want to learn more.  So there might be elements that I post on my Youtube channel that are like teaching you to suck eggs. But I want to cover as much helpful stuff as possible.

I’ve been in the industry for over 18 years and I never stop learning from other florists, equally I get ideas online as well. Pinterest and Instagram are brilliant places for ideas and learning and thats my motivation behind these online tutorials.

Learning floristry, bath

Using beautiful blooms to inspire you.

Learning flowers online, wiltshire

Breaking it down step by step

Jenny Dixon from the wonderful new Flower Patch Magazine got a sneak peak of the first months two tutorials and wrote us a wonderful review.

I’m tempted to ask if Grace from Young Blooms will be my new best friend! I’ve just spent 25 minutes watching one of the tutorials from her new online floristry school, and I feel like I’ve had a glorious one-to-one lesson at the home of an inspiring friend.

Love the fact that Grace’s classes are filmed real-time and that she doesn’t suddenly whip out the perfect version of a display she made earlier. She jumps straight in and lets you know about prepping and flower choices as she goes along. So nice to see an emphasis on home grown, local flowers too.

You get to enjoy the flowers and creativity, alongside real-world tips. Grace is very conscious of the cost involved for yourself or an event and doesn’t just reach for the show-stopping blooms for effect. I find this a refreshing change after watching other online classes.

I’ve come away feeling like I could take on a project with confidence – and that I know a bit more about the flower industry.

When is the next video coming? I need another fix!

Jenny Dixon
Editor, The Flower Patch

How lovely is that, so if your interested a bit more then why subscribe to our You Tube channel as we have been posting up short tutorials just to give you an idea of what you will get when you get involved in the flower school. If you want to bite the bullet then you can subscribe and become part of the Young Blooms flower school gang here!