Flower Workshops

Flower workshops, wiltshire

I wanted to share more about the floral archway workshop that happened this month. A group of seven florists gathered with me at Emmanuels yard in Trowbridge to learn how to create an free-standing archway using no floral foam.


Florists workshops, bath

The start of our creation

The weather was utterly glorious and the sunshine was out as we started construction. It was lovely to have a group of people that wanted to learn, that were happy to share ideas and also ask plenty of questions.

This whole no floral foam movement has been around for a while, god bless David Attenborough and the work that he does to raise our awareness. I recently found an interesting blog-post around sustainable floristry and you can read it here. I’m still getting my head round not using floral foam and finding mechanics that work. I’m looking forward to the day where it becomes normal not to use oasis.

Flower workshops, wiltshire

Adding in the foliage together

One of the biggest things that struck me about the day was the idea of collaboration. The group that was there were all at different stages of their floristry journey and also ages and yet there was the idea of support and encouragement. One of the attendees was getting married this coming summer and wanted to make an archway for her big day. Others helped her with suggestions of types of foliage to use, timings of when to make it in the run up to the wedding, it was wonderful to listen too.

Bath, floral workshops

Starting to add flowers in

Florists workshops, wiltshire

We all enjoyed putting the finishing touches to the archway.

We have one more archway workshop coming up in March and there are a couple of spaces available. If your interested then you can book here.

Flower workshops, Bath

The whole gang enjoying the sunshine, though someone was trying to hide! 🙂

If your interested in learning more about using no floral foam then we are starting to put short videos onto the Young Blooms flower School You tube channel so why not subscribe here and catch up.