Top five Spring flowers

Spring wedding, wiltshire

What’s your favourite Spring flower? 

Have you survived the snow? It was beautiful and fun, but we’ve been looking forward the first signs of Spring which feel like they’re just around the corner. Here is a list of our top 5 favourite spring flowers and a few tips on how to look after them, as some seem to have a mind of their own and can be a little bit temperamental at times!

Spring wedding, wiltshire

A gorgeous hand-tie of Spring flowers to inspire


Tulips come in so many bright colours and varieties – parrot, double, fringed – the list goes on.  They are a sure way to brighten up your home.  Did you know that tulips will continue to grow towards the light even after they have been cut?  For this reason we often place tulips slightly lower down in bouquets and arrangement as we know they will soon grow up to meet the other flowers.  Tulips will naturally bend and people can sometimes be put off as they start to droop.  A tip to combat this is before arranging them, roll the bunch in brown paper or newspaper and secure with twine, then plunge the ends into cool water and leave overnight.  Another trick you can try is to pierce the stem of each tulip with a pin just below the flower head.  This is meant to release any air bubbles that rise up the hollow stems and keep them block free so that they can drink more water.

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Sugar Prince Tulips



Wedding florist, wiltshire

Hyacinths are a beautiful spring flower with a lovely scent and come in some lovely subtle pastel colours.  Like most bulbous stemmed flowers, hyacinths are pulled, not cut, from the plant by the grower.  For this reason the base of the stem is usually white and firm.  It’s best to remove this white part as the water is best absorbed through the green part of the stem. Here are some helpful thoughts on conditioning these beautiful flowers.

Wiltshire, wedding florist.

Plum coloured hyacinth nestled in a bouquet


Gorgeous and delicate, anemone are one of our all-time favourite spring flowers.  We use them a lot in wedding work too.  People are sometimes tempted to buy them when they are fully open in all their glory, however our top tip is to buy them when they are in bud.  This way they will last much longer and although they don’t look anywhere near as stunning at that early stage, given a nice drink of water in a warm room, they will be able to watch them open up to reveal all their beauty.

Spring flowers, bath

Gorgeous blue anemone opening up



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What better way to bring some spring cheer to your home than with a bright bunch of spring daffodils!  And there are so many different varieties to choose from too.  Some people are put off by the scent of some types of daffodil, but it’s worth trying a few different types of narcissi as some have a much milder scent than others.  Narcissus ‘Minnow’ for example has a lovely subtle sweet scent.  It’s important to condition daffodils in different containers to other flowers.  Daffodils exude a poisonous sap when cut and this will kill other flowers if conditioned in the same water. Gardeners world offers some further inspiration if your wanting to plant these gorgeous bulbs in your garden.

Wedding flowers, Bradford on Avon

Early Cheer Narcissus


Did you know that the name ranunculus comes for the Latin for ‘little frog’?  We don’t think this name does justice to such a beautiful flower!  The petals of ranunculus open up into beautiful frills, and while their stems are often quite ‘wiggly’, this is part of their unique charm.  Like with many spring flowers, they are hollow stemmed so a little patience is needed when arranging them as they can become tangled and snap.  But it’s well worth taking the time as they are a beautiful flower.

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Picotee yellow Ranunculas

We hope this has inspired you and got you thinking about the warmer weather to come.  If you’re interested in learning for about how to arrange your Spring flowers, why not sign up to one of our upcoming Spring workshops?!