How to choose your wedding flower colours….

Wedding florist, wiltshire

I’ve been wondering about colour for a while now, especially how we are drawn to certain colours when it comes to flowers. I have six brothers, so I was a complete tomboy growing up. I’ve been a florist for over 16 years and yet when I go to the flower market, I’m drawn to anything pink.

Wedding florist, wiltshire

Pink is my first choice

When it came to choosing my own wedding colours, I found it very overwhelming and really wasn’t sure what the right or wrong thing was to do.

What colour should you choose? One might think if I’m getting married in the Spring I should have yellows and whites, or if I’m getting married at Christmas then I should naturally pick red!


Wiltshire, wedding florist

Is yellow the natural choice for spring?


Christmas bridal bouquet

Red always seems a natural choice for Christmas

I’d throw both of those ideas out of the window!!

When I meet with couples, the main areas I focus on are the following:

  • Do they have a preferred style, is it more relaxed or formal?
  • Do they like flowers to be seasonal? If so this will dictate choice somewhat
  • Do they love colour or do they want to keep to a specific selection of colours
  • Are there specific flowers that they are drawn too and want to include?
  • What is the venue like where the reception will be held as this will lend itself to certain styles
  • Has the dress been bought and if so I LOVE to see pictures…
  • And yes you can have what you love…..

In those meetings, it might be that couples disagree about what they like and don’t like? It might be that Mum has ideas about flowers. It might be that Granny is a keen gardener and loves flowers and wants to get involved! Believe me, I’ve seen it!

When planning a wedding one always has to bear in mind that parents might be paying for a lot, or budgets are not that huge. However when it comes to flowers, go with what you love! It might be that bright yellow tulips are your thing, have a bouquet of those beauties and that will be perfection!



Without bombarding you there are more points to think about when it comes to colour

  • You don’t have to have one colour all the way though your wedding flowers
  • What colours are you drawn to naturally?
  • If you have picked your Bridesmaids dresses then what colours work with them
  • It’s ok to have clashing colours if thats your thing

I think the main thing to remember is that flowers say a lot about people! If you love things to be neat and tidy and not to clash, then thats perfect! Tell your florist this as it’s important to know, nothing worse than turning up on the day of the wedding with a massive cottage garden style bouquet and the bride was desperate for a ball of roses…..

Bridal bouquets, bradford on avon

This wild style might not suit everyone