Five steps to being more creative

Bath, wedding flowers

Do you struggle to carve out time to purpose your creative ideas, do you wish you had space to think and dream about new ideas! Well, I’ve put together my top tips to help with you with this….


Tip 1: I have lists of ideas of on my phone that I will probably never get round to achieving, however what I do have is a notebook I carry with me that I try and write down really bonkers ideas in. Ideas can come at any time, you might be walking the dog or standing in the shower. My first tip would enjoy thinking about the possible idea you’ve had. It might be that you want to create a new flower bed in the garden or build a set of shelves, I believe it’s good to give our brains chance to dream and think about possibilities rather than worrying about all the things that need to be achieved.

So learn to allow yourself to dream and wonder and enjoy the thinking process of how your creative idea will happen.

Bath, British flower week 2017

This archway took about two weeks to plan and put together


Tip 2: Put a date with yourself in the diary, it might sound stupid but I’ve been having some business coaching. One of the very helpful points we talked about was blocking out time in the week. So it might be that between 10-11 next Wednesday you are making that piece of embroidery or writing that blog post.

floral workshops, bath

Book that date in for some creative time


Tip 3: Before starting the project write yourself a list of items that you will need. I love making time-lapse videos. Creating floral designs them filming them to put onto instagram is something I really enjoy, however it might take me a week to get organised. There are certain flowers, that I’ll need, containers to be washed and sorted. My usual trick is to leave things that are important for these projects at home, get hugely frustrated and then not do anything at all.



Tip 4: Enjoy the time that you have in your creativity. This might sound ridiculously stupid but being creative is good for our brains. Using your time in a more artistic manner keeps you mentally in tip-top shape.

Treat yourself to a lovely read and inspire your creative self!


Tip 5:Either turn your phone to silent or put it in the cupboard! If your anything like me, instagram can be a black hole of beautiful pictures, where time disappears!