Think Outside The Vase

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine and floristry is no exception. Although your materials are constantly changing, the way in which we present them can get a bit samey… Vases can be expensive and unless you’re lucky enough to have several bunches of flowers on the go then they’ll end up gathering dust together in a cupboard. So I’m proposing we do away with the usual flowers in a vase and encourage a different style of design! At this time of year we have lots of seasonal events such as halloween and christmas giving us plenty of opportunities to showcase our flowery delights in a different manner!


wedding flowers, Wiltshire Young Blooms

Quirky pumpkin design

This fun design was relatively easy to create. It doesn’t have a great deal of content and yet it’s just as striking as a full vase. It makes a great table centre and is most definitely a talking point.

Young Blooms wedding flowers wiltshire

Wiltshire flowers Young Blooms

Hollowing out a pumpkin is something most people will have done at one time or another and then it’s just a case of placing some soaked Oasis in the bottom, sticking your flowers in and bob’s your uncle! You can’t really go wrong on your flower placement because the receptacle is the real eye-catcher! It’s a design that can be achieved with absolutely anything that is water tight; so why not think outside of the box and see what unusual design you can create! If you feel inspired, why not share your designs on our Facebook page!

Holly x