Autumn Expectations…

It’s official, we’ve put it off for long enough… Summer is over and Autumn is upon us. But it’s not all doom and gloom, I never need too much encouragement to don my warmest woollies and stay inside in front of the fire but with the change in weather comes the beautiful changes to our scenery. Leaves of golden, crispy brown fall from the trees, lights from buildings twinkle as the nights creep in earlier and earlier. The reds and oranges are on top form making for some lovely walks and some delightful floral arrangements.

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Autumn Door Wreath



This charming  door wreath is made with all seasonal flowers in the warm shades of autumn. Nowadays most flowers can be grown all year round in various environments;but there’s something about a seasonal design that really fills me with joy! It is arrangements like this that make me glad we have Autumn and what better than the sunset shades to help us bid adieu to the sun of summer and prepare us for the not so toasty winter.

Hollie x