French floral retreat part 2

floral retreat, france

Have you dreamed of spending a weekend in a chateau, living in a place that is so beautifully curated that you can’t quite believe it? My Mum used to get old country living magazines from a friend of hers when I was young and I loved flicking through all the pictures of those gorgeous houses. The gardens that were just dreamy and full of tumbling roses, outdoor eating that was so picturesque you wanted to be there. Well may I introduce you to Chateau de la ruche….

French floral retreat

Setting up a rather dreamy tablescape for our celebration dinner.

Well I might suggest that you investigate Young Blooms floral retreat, my desire for this weekend is that we can sink into a space where we can live in the moment. Create large-scale designs that we can just stare at in delight, enjoying the fact that we can’t quite believe we made such a thing.

I’ve had moments like that through my career, I remember the moment I made my first ever foam free archway. and standing back and looking at it with so much pleasure. I’d allowed myself 2 hours to make it, one of my team was running round doing other stuff in the church but all I had to concentrate was that archway.

My aim is to create that time and space on our flower weekend where we can enjoy the process, no one will be breathing down our necks to get stuff done. How blissful does that sound?

floral retreat, loire

Time to watch the bulbs grow

On the Saturday evening we will be having a celebration dinner and creating the perfect tablescape for that dinner will be our priority on the Saturday afternoon. We will be designing a canopy of flowers that will float over the top of us along with a stunning foam free runner of flowers drifting along the centre of the table.

French floral retreat

candles are a must for any dinner table

Does this sound like there break you need? Teaching floristry is one of my biggest passions and if I can encourage you in your journey by you being part of this then I will be one happy lady! There are only 3 spaces left, so I’d advise a quick look at the website to book your place, there’s a £50 deposit that’s needed to secure your place and a payment plan available, so whats keeping you?….