Learning through 1:1 workshops

It’s been an age since I’ve written a blog and Young Blooms has been busy with wedding season. However I wanted to share about some of the fab 1:1 sessions I’ve had with a number of florists who have come learn more and expand their floristry skills.

Louise from Rural flowers came and learnt about making shower bouquets and also working with oasis.

It was wonderful to talk about colours and texture. Finding Louise’s style and what she loved and giving her inspiration and confidence was great!

I’ve also done a couple of workshops teaching in smaller groups on how to do archways using no floral foam.

Allowing yourself space to create in a safe environment is an really important aspect of growing your creativity. Laura from Pinkney farm flowers and Katrina from Flowers by Katrina we’re really supportive of each other as they made an archway for the first time. It’s a boost to your confidence if your in a supportive environment creating things for the first time.

I loved this large scale urn that Kate from Wyle Valley Flowers created in her 1:1 workshop with me. Using colours and combinations of flowers that Kate wouldn’t normally use helped to see what was possible in a larger scale design.

One of the first 1:1’s that I did last year was a corker and resulted in this lovely lady becoming a subscriber to the Young Blooms flower school – she created this beautiful handtie below and also started up her own floristry business as a result! So do check out Claire from Violet and Ivy event styling.

If your wanting to expand your knowledge around large scale design and your just beginning in your Floristry journey then get in touch.

I’m now taking bookings for the autumn so I’ll be more than happy to chat with you about what your looking for. Email me on info@youngblooms.co.uk