Whatever is next!!

We commented to each other today, that days no longer have names, we are quite frankly not sure of our own names at times and taking orders without enough caffiene inside of you is a bit of a struggle!! Ahhh but I hear you say its only 7 more days till the big one!! This time next week, I will be full of beef wellington (controversial I know…) and probably watching some terrible movie and loving every minute of it!! But enough of the frivolities…

Mmm this seems like it was all a long time ago, a blog written with all the intention of publishing it but it never happened. Christmas Day is over, I ate too much and drank a little too much of a rather fabulous gin….search Edinburgh Gin on facebook and see what you find. Orders flew in thick and fast and over the week before Christmas. We couldn’t even keep the wreath on our own door before it got sold to the next customer walking through!! We enjoyed delivering orders in 6inches of snow and working in temperatures of minus 10,but it’s been one of our best Christmases yet.

We trust you all had a great Christmas and we wish you all a fabulous New Year. Signing out and off to sample yet another christmas chocolate….!!