Three French Hens

Well, following on with this festive theme, one can’t help but worry about how 3 french hens might survive in this delightfully cold weather! We have hit minus 4 in the workshop so far, but I’m sure it will go lower than that!! Anyway enough about the weather and more about the rather gorgeous designs coming out of Young Blooms Central….We had our first Christmas wreath workshop this weekend, do check out some of the wreaths below, I was so proud of all the ladies…I could have hired them on the spot.

All the workshops were sold out, which was brilliant and the atmosphere was lovely! We were really encouraged by all the positive feedback coming from the ladies so do look out because there most certainly be more workshops to follow….we think a lesson on spring hand-tie’s is in order around Easter time.
Orders are stacking up nicely for our wreaths and don’t forget if you want a more custom made one off design and then either phone and visit…
Signing off and in pursuit of warmth..