Making a succulent bracelet

succulent art

I couldn’t resist sharing this short tutorial on creating a succulent bracelet as I had a lot of fun making it. I was inspired by visiting Succulent gardens in Castroville, California. When you first turn into the nursery you get to see this amazing wall design which I feel in love with, you can see part of it below.

Succulent art

How fab is this design.

To start the bracelet I used a copper cuff. It’s a decent width and feels fairly comfortable to wear, you see it in the picture below. I also had a bottle of cold floral glue, I’ve made a link to the type I use here.

succulent art

Just before I started constructing

California seems to be the perfect temperature for these plants to grow and I feel lucky as I’m staying at a house where there are lots to pick from in the garden. I snipped around 10 heads of different sizes, colours and textures. You have to be fairly light handed with them as the leaves are quite delicate and can damage easily.

Succulent art, south west

Starting off

I started off with the large variegated succulent and then started building from there. Some of them seem to be harder to sit flat against the bracelet than others, but I only learnt this as I went along. If you have never used the cold glue before, the best tip I can give is to turn all the plant heads upside down. Then apply glue to their ‘bottoms’ and let the glue get a bit tacky. You can see what I mean in the picture below.

floral jewellery

Letting the glue go tacky

Succulent jewellery

You can see the cold glue on the stems

Another trick that I worked out as I went along was that some of the leaves that I took off the larger sections and would have rejected out of hand could be used to fill spaces. So you could build them into the design in a kind of layering effect. This was probably the case only with the variegated succulent.

The reason in having a good selection of succulents was that as I came close to finishing the design, I needed some more delicate pieces to pop into gaps and the smaller headed finer succulents worked a treat for that. You are working with tiny pieces of foliage but once you get used to that its ok.

I did find I moved a couple of succulent heads around to get the effect that I wanted, you can do this if the cold glue hasn’t fully set.

I was quite pleased with the finished design as it was my first attempt. I did add some delicate sections that were longer. I felt it gave the design some movement, you can see them

succulent jewellery, south west

The finished piece

The finished bracelet felt quite comfortable sitting on my wrist and surprisingly is still going strong four days after I made it. See below for the finished article!

Bath, succulent jewellery

sitting pretty on my wrist