Flowers we love…

This has got to be a perfect time to post this summery wedding, when the wind is howling outside and there seems to be far too much flooding around. So sit back and enjoy these rather fabulous photos of a truly delicious wedding….

I think these photos pretty much sum up the day, this was ONE of the sunny days in the summer and a truly fabulous one at that. James & Christie got married outside and it was glorious. I remember having a conversation with one of the staff at Homewood about what would happen if the heavens opened…. With a twinkle in his eye he very calmly said “It won’t” and how right he was.

Christie had a great eye for detail and had sourced a fabulous selection of bottles and jam-jars for the tables. We used a selection of pale pink sweet avalanche roses, blousey peonies, pale blue scabious and a whole host of other delightful flowers to create that cottage garden effect. With jars nestling on piles of books and birdcages spilling out with flowers on to tables, the effect was gorgeous.

I had to include a picture of the cupcakes cause they were sumptuous  Piled high, they looked like jewels ready to pick. Made by this delightful company, I would highly recommend having a gander at their website.

Many thanks the fabulous Helen Cawte for letting us use these glorious photos.

Much love to you all