All time top five.

Welcome to the first ever blog review! Do check out our top 5 viewed blogs, I thought it would be an interesting experiment as I did a little review myself and was curious to see which blogs of ours had had the most hits!

Anyway please enjoy and we would love any feedback from you! What you think about the blogs, as you read are there any that take your fancy? Should number 1 be the top dog??

Let us know….

Number One

Cottage garden roses clearly are a winner! We started using these fabulous Colombian roses in the summer and I have to say they are an absolute winner! It’s so fantastic to have such a gorgeous range of cottage garden roses available to offer our brides and to be able to have them all year round is a bonus indeed!

Number Two

There was a story behind this blog and I’m not surprised it had so many hits! I think it was a phone-call back in late November last year from a very windy Scotland and a lady enquiring about wedding flowers! I never met her until the day but she knew exactly what she wanted and was a delight to deal with. The couple stayed at the gorgeous boutique Halcyon  hotel in Bath so I rolled up on the day and managed to deliver them to her without having a clue what she looked like – and found her all wrapped up in her dressing gown! But she seemed over joyed with the flowers and we had a glowing thank-you note from her after the day! So do enjoy number 2!

Number Three
These reviews of the week are always fun! I think it’s a good exercise to go back and see what you can remember of the week that has gone by! We both loved these summery jugs of peonies and roses, unsurprisingly the roses are Colombian!

Number Four

With number four we fly all the way back to March and a rather mad Mother’s day weekend. Seems a heck of a long time ago, but lovely to look back.

Number Five

Now the fifth spot is tied between a Claire Pettibone delight and a literal roundabout! You dear reader should decide which is your favourite and let us know!