A glorious haze of flowers…

I’m so proud of the work that is put into each wedding that we do, starting with an early morning run to market, the flowers are brought back and conditioned, sunk deep into water they have a nice long drink before we begin to put them into arrangements. Whether it’s bridal bouquets or table-centre’s we defiantly pride ourselves on making sure the flowers are in tip top condition for the big day! 

But enough of that and let me tell about this glorious summer wedding!

Nestled in the fabulous grounds of Homewood park was the marquee we were set to decorate! The bride provided huge amounts of inspiration for us of what she wanted to create for the day! The palette of soft pinks, vibrant blues and delicate ivory was a perfect combination to set the scene for a blissful day. 

We filled the birdcages with summery blue scabious and blousy peonies. Stuffed full of herbs, heather, eucalyptus and feverfew, you couldn’t help but love them.

I really liked the mixture of the two designs that the bride chose, as we created birdcages for half the tables and lots of gorgeous vintage jars for the other half. I always think that’s great way to add interest with your wedding flowers, as I don’t think every table has to be the same.

The jars were filled with a similar selection of flowers and books personal to the bride & groom were used to add height and interest to the whole design!

I think your’ll have to agree it’s all just a bit delicious!