Celebrating our locally grown flowers

British flowers

As we come towards to the end of our wedding season it felt only right to celebrate all the locally grown flowers we have been able to use in our designs and also introduce you to our lovely friend Vanessa.

We’ve been buying flowers from Vanessa at Foxglove garden for a number of years, she has been locally based so its been lovely to use her flowers. At the beginning of last year we began talking about the possibility of joining forces in our growing efforts so for the last year Vanessa has been developing our flower plot/poly-tunnels and growing some fabulous flowers for us as well as her own clients.


British flowers

Some of the fabulous flowers Vanessa has grown


More and more Brides and Grooms are asking for seasonally grown flowers and that is music to our ears. Working out what we can grow and how much to grow in the space that we have is always an interesting challenge.

However it is such a joy to be able to cut flowers the day before a wedding and then arrange them on the day knowing exactly where they have come from as you’ve seen them progress through the year.


British flower buttonholes, Wiltshire

The colours, scent and texture that you can stuff into a bridal bouquet is just fabulous with locally grown flowers as you see below.

Bridal flowers, court farm

An all British flower bridal bouquet

As our season of growing has come to an end for 2023 we have been busy planting for next year. Ranunculus are already tucked in our poly-tunnels and we are hoping the rabbits don’t get them. Tulips are in the ground and Vanessa’s greenhouse is stuffed the gills with plants for next year.

To finish this celebration below is a Bridal bouquet we did for a wedding at Grittleton house and it was stuffed with colour. The bride wanted British grown flowers and we were happy to oblige.


Grittleton house wedding flowers