A Summer wedding

Summer wedding, south west

We couldn’t resist sharing the details and photos of this wedding we had the pleasure of working on in June back when the sun was shining. Georgie & James got married at the wonderful Courtfarm at Standerwick. We love working there as its an amazing place to decorate.

We arrived mid-morning on the day to deliver the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids flowers along with a box of buttonholes.

Georgie carried a trailing bouquet of all whites, it had quite a mad mix of flowers. peonies, sweet-williams, love in the mist, roses from our garden, stocks, lots of ferns and white tweedia.

Summer bridal bouquet

Perfectly placed photo

Bridal flowers, southwest england

The bride looked stunning in her dress


So lovely to see the bouquet from the top.

These stunning photos taken by Shell Sperling photographers Shell and Karen. They had amazing energy on the day as they were running around in the heat getting all the shots.

Once we had dropped all the flowers off at Court Farm we went over to the Church to install two floral panels. Filled with beach, hydrangea, ferns and foxgloves, these two designs welcomed guests into the church and also gave the perfect exit for the happily married couple.

Church flowers, south west england


Once the service was over we dismantled them and moved them back to the venue (always get as much use from your florals) and as you can see they framed the entrance to the reception rather well.



Inside the reception space Court farm have built two wonderful ironwork rings that we can dress with foliage. We always make these the night before as it stays lovely and cool in there and they create a wonderful impact in the space as you can see from the photos.



All in all it seemed to be a pretty perfect day for the couple and we loved playing a small part in it.