Spring wreath making

Spring door wreath

We are all used to dressing our front doors with fabulous Christmas wreaths over the festive period, however I don’t about you but this year I was quite sad to take that festive wreath down. We’ve all needed a bit more joy wherever we can find it, so I decided to create a Spring Wreath for my front door.  Designing a wreath from pussy willow took a bit of perseverance but the end result was worth it.

Spring wreath

Perfect bit of colour to pop on the front door.

These wreaths have become extremely popular on our online shop. Customers have bought them for themselves as they’ve moved into a new house. They have treated friends and family with them and I know some have bought them for Mother’s day presents too.


Spring door wreath

You get to enjoy watching to bulbs come into life as you come and go.

I have also created a how-to on our Youtube channel if you fancy having a go at making one, you can watch it here. I did put together a DIY pack and send it out in the post for one of my lovely customers who wanted to have a go at making one herself.

I’ve only just taken down my Spring wreath as its just finished flowering, so once again I want to make another wreath to replace it. As Mothers day is coming up I’ve had a go at making a heart shaped wreath and then attaching some hyacinth bulbs to it but I couldn’t make the design look balanced so I swopped the hyacinth out for a delicate white pansy plant.

If your a fan of this design, keep an eye out on the website as I’ll be putting them up soon.

Grace x

Spring door wreath

A little more delicate