Young Blooms floristry school YouTube channel

I’ve been wanting to blog about Young Blooms Youtube channel for a while. I started the channel a year ago, this was with the view that it would be complementary to Young Blooms flower school. 

Flower school, south west

Suspended floral design tutorial

Tutorials vary on the channel quite a lot, I’ve created some that are chatting with other people I know who work in the wedding industry. Looking at getting tips and encouragement from them on how they work and how they’ve developed their business.

I’ve also created short tutorials with useful info for those who have a love for flowers, those you looking to develop skills and also build on knowledge.

One of the popular ones is how to wrap a hand-tie bouquet. it’s a really useful trick that was shown to me and has been viewed over 3k times which proves its point.


flower school, south west.

A useful tutorial

The channel also gives subscribers an idea of what to expect when they decide to subscribe to the flower school itself. My aim is always that people have time to watch and re-watch if needed the videos.

I know that when I first started out I would have loved to have access to something like the school or a YouTube channel, thought its starting to show my age!!

Some of the videos are a bit more unusual and some are just fun ideas. I’ve recently gotten into macrame and you might have seen my recent blog post around this crafting skill, if not you can read it all here.

My latest YouTube video has combined both flowers and macrame, using these stunning bright pink ranunculus.


I hope you get a chance to look through the tutorials on the YouTube channel, do subscribe if you can and I look forward to seeing you on there. xx