Learning a new skill and getting stuck into Macrame

macrame plant hanger, southwest

As we head into week three of lockdown here in the uk, I wanted to share a bit of the fun I’ve been having getting stuck into macrame. You can click here to find out a bit of the history of this knot-tying craft, its incredible really as its been around possibly since the third century in China!

My first attempt was to create this plant hanger, we live in a very old house that is quite dark and doesn’t have a huge amount of windowsills, so most plants don’t survive here. Creating the hanger allowed me to have plants up in our bedroom which is rather lovely, there are tons of how-to videos on Youtube and the one I used is here.

macrame plant hanger, southwest

Hanging in pride of place


I’ve now processed onto a wall-hanging…

Its funny when I’m learning new skills, I’m the type that gets easily frustrated if I can’t get it first time and there is a knot in this one called the ‘half hitch’ and ‘a double half hitch‘ that got me quite frustrated. It allows you to do sideways knots that can create diamond shapes like below.

crafting, southwest

Double half hitch diamond.

It took me two or three attempts of tying and untying, then googling what it was I needed to do. I know I’m a very visual person so if I can watch someone doing it then I can just follow their lead. If I had to read about it in a book I get bored easily.

There is a wealth of ideas on the web if you want to learn macrame, I’ve created a pinterest board which you can see here and I’m hoping to include some macrame ideas combined with fresh flowers into my online school.

The finished wall hanging is below but keep an eye on my Instagram page as I’m going to have a go tomorrow at adding some flowers to the design.