Growing flowers

This is certainly an interesting topic to write about at an interesting time. Outside the sun is shining and it feels like Spring is very much here and yet last night our Prime Minster announced that we are now only advised/allowed to go out of the house three times a day! So my thinking is, now is more than ever the time to start growing flowers and veg in your garden!

British grown flowers

How fabulous and cheery are these zinnia

I know that for me the therapeutic benefit of being in the garden is a big motivator, especially when times are stressful. It’s amazing how you can just potter and yet whittle away a good couple of hours.

One thing that’s become clear to me as I’ve been processing this strange season that we are in, is that the seasons continue regardless of whats happening. Spring will and is happening, the blossom has bloomed on the trees, my ‘Belle époque’ tulips are sticking their heads out of the ground and weeds continue to appear in my garden.

British grown flowers

Multi-coloured is perfect

I always admired people who manage to colour coordinate the flowers in the garden. I always admire people who have beautiful colour coordinated flowers in their houses, I will never be one of those people!

I only have a relatively small garden so I tend to stuff it full of all sorts, there are roses all over the place, jasmine seems to grow like a weed and also borage is popping up everywhere! My simple theory with colour is that the more varieties of it there are, the more it gives you to look at and the more your brain gets to enjoy it!

If you look at the bouquet above and it was all the same colour, I reckon you would get bored with it very quickly. But because there is so much going on it, it allows your brain to wonder around it and take it all in.

British grown sweet-peas

The smell of these is intoxicating

Another lesson I feel nature is teaching me is patience, that very quickly as you head out into the garden you realise that plants need care and attention, watering and feeding. But they will stick their heads out when they are ready and not before. In all this I feel that once flowers begin blooming in the garden the pleasure of seeing their colour will be more pleasurable I think…

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