Comparison versus reality

Flower retreat

This blog-post has been brewing in my head since the new year. Its only been since I’ve come away that I’ve had a chance to get some thoughts down. There has been a lot written about the ability to compare oneself to others online and then view ourselves in a negative light as a result…

Wedding flowers, southwest

So I wanted to think about some tips that might be helpful….

My first point would be:

Confidence to know where you at:Β I looked up the dictionary definition of confidence and it was interesting to read the following statement….

‘The feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of ones own abilities or qualities.’

Now I realise that if your just starting out in business this might be easier said than done. BUT its little steps. Acknowledge that you are at the beginning of your journey, try to know where your next step is going to be and also surround yourself with people who can cheer you on. I think its ok to talk positively about what you’re doing to other people too, I used to joke to people when I first started out 12 years ago that I was going to earn a million by the time I was 30!! But going back to first statement, even appreciating that you have a quality that has allowed you to start out in your business is important to hang onto.

Comparison can be a positive force

I have begun to feel guilty about the amount of time I spend on my phone and was bemoaning this to a friend. He promptly turned around and ‘Isn’t it great though that you can run and grow most of your business from your phone, I think its incredible.’

He’s right in a way, it is amazing that I can interact with clients and other people in my industry, I can find new clients at a drop of hat when I post pictures. I can get support from other florists and growers when I’m struggling. And that’s true for us all, so even if you have only just started in this industry, that’s what you have access too with social media.

floral retreat

Remember the journey

If your anything like me, there are days where you do want to give up, anything you make or create feels all rubbish you just can’t be bothered. If you jump on your phone when you’re in that state of mind, nothing positive will come. So you need to remember your journey, it’s almost like keeping a gratitude list. Whats the positive things that have already happened to you and your business.

For over a year I’ve had business coaching and one of the valuable tips I was given was to keep a list of all the positive feedback that i had from clients! Doing this for me is remembering my journey and when I’ve having a difficult day.

Asking why and how is important

My final point to think about is the following. We all can have moments where we struggle with envy and jealously as we look on at other people on social media. They might have 20k followers on Instagram and their business sounds incredible. Rather than wishing you were them, why not ask the question why, why have they got where they are? What is it that I can learn from them?

One thing I always struggle with on instagram is that my feed is a delightful mixture of this, that and everything. I know there are schools of thought out that say your brand should have certain colours, you should only post at certain times etc. We can all think of people we follow that have beautifully curated feeds. I spent a lot of time in my early days feeling like I was a bit of a failure cause of this! But I have come to terms with the fact that my business is steadily growing and the eclectic feel is part of who I am as a business owner. I love my job, I love flowers and its a privilege to do what I do. So I will continue to carry on in my journey and see where it gets me.