French Floral Retreat part one

Floral retreat

I’m super excited to tell you about the floral retreat that Young Blooms has created for April 2020. It will be happening at Chateau de la ruche Home to Tim & Rebecca, the chateau is in the loire valley near La Mans.

I went out with the friend for the weekend back in the Autumn to check it out and it does not disappoint in any way as you see from the photos below. I couldn’t think of anywhere more perfect to hold a weekend retreat.

When you arrive on the Friday afternoon, you’ll settle in to your rooms then enjoy some pre-dinner drinks followed by the evening dinner. Rebecca does all the cooking and the food is incredible. I remember thinking, i wanted to know all her recipes…..

Floral retreat

This will be home for the retreat

Come Saturday morning after we have enjoyed a candlelit breakfast, (I’m not joking as you can see below), then we will get cracking with some flowers!

Floral retreat

See what I mean about a candle lit breakfast?

floral retreat

Perfect spot for a Saturday morning breakfast

Our first task will be to dress the front of the house with a welcoming archway. I’m keen to keep all the designs we do foam-free so you will be able to pick up techniques galore. Using the most delicious spring blooms, we can pack this archway with scent, texture and beauty till our hearts content.


Foam free flowers

Fancy creating this round the doorway of the chateau?

floral retreat

More foam free loveliness

As Saturday continues, we will look at dressing the hallway, because the stairway is begging for a garland or too as you can see from the gorgeous picture below. We will also start work on the main celebration table for Saturdays dinner, but more about that in part two of the blog….

Have I persuaded you yet?

If you’re wanting to book I suggest doing it sooner rather than later as there are only four spots left!

You can look at further details here.

floral retreat

What a fabulous space to dress..