Flower crown workshops

Flower workshop

This has been the Summer of flower-crown workshops here at Young Blooms. We traveled to lovely clamping sites, town-houses in Bath and some rather gorgeous cottages where we’ve taught how-to’s on the art of the flower-crown making.

Flower workshop

The Bride and her sisther looking fabulous in the Not So Secret Garden

It’s always fun to meet groups as they arrive, some have done flower crown making before and some have no idea what to expect! I guess it can be slightly overwhelming to be faced with a lot of flowers but the biggest complement we’ve had from groups is how therapeutic they find the workshop.

Flower workshop, bath

People soon get stuck into making…


Wiltshire, flower-crown workshop

Our Bath townhouse moment where tourists stopped to take pictures as the girls sat down…


Flower-crown workshop, Bath

This was a gorgeous dining room to work in, though a little cosy!

The lovely part of the whole workshop is that no one person makes the same crown as the other, even though ladies pretty much have the same flowers to play with. Through the summer its been wonderful to supply most of the flowers for these workshops from the Not So Secret Garden.

Some will colour coordinate their crowns to what their wearing which I admire greatly, I tend to put on whatever is close to hand….

If your interested in booking a workshop then do get in touch here

Flower workshops, wiltshire

Workshop at the lovely black-berry farm