Colour Inspiration for 2018

Wedding flowers, bath

Happy New Year, and if you got engaged over the festive period, a huge congratulations to you!  We hope you’ve had a fantastic time celebrating this special time.

We know that planning a wedding is very exciting, although it can also be a bit daunting – and choosing a colour scheme is a key part, not only for the flowers, but also much of the styling on the big day.  If you are yet to make up your mind and are looking for some inspiration, we’ve been having a look at what the experts are predicting to be THE colours trending in 2018.


The Pantone Color Institute is a consulting service that forecasts global colour trends.  After analysing research spanning design, film, food, fashion, art, entertainment, travel, sports, technology and more, they have predicted that in ‘Ultra Violet’ to be the colour of the year in 2018.

“Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.” – Pantone Color Institute

Wedding flowers, bath

Dancing cloud roses are some of our favourites

Flower-wise there is lots of inspiration we can take from this – think deep tones of irises, anemones, orchids, lisianthus or scabiosa to paler shades like lilacs, lavender, sweet peas and roses. Why not check out our colour board on Pinterest as we gathered some inspiring ideas using this fabulous colour.

Another trend prediction we’ve been reading about is mixing bold, statement colours with neutral undertones.  So if vivid ultra violet feels a bit out-there, mixing it with neutral greens can create a beautiful look.

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Pops of purple are softened with greenery.




Wedding florist, wiltshire

Bright yellows are on trend

In the fashion world, it has been said that Yellow is set to be huge this Spring.  Fashion gurus are predicting everyone will be wearing some shade of it in the months to come!

If a bright, bold yellow isn’t your thing, there are lots of other yellow tones to consider….mustard, saffron, turmeric, sunshine, or pale lemon yellows.  Think sunflowers, primroses, narcissi, tulips, even flowers like peonies, roses, cala lilies and dahlias come in some beautiful yellow colours.

Teamed with whites, yellows can look fresh and bright.  Or again, following the trend of teaming bold colours with neutrals, mustard & burgundy or brighter yellows & teals can create gorgeous combinations.




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Soft & feminine pink

 We love the Coco wedding venue trend report and completely agree with their top prediction that Pink will continue to be big in 2018. ‘Millennial pink was big in 2017 and when it comes to weddings, we can’t see pink going out of favour any time soon.  With so many different tones of pink to consider: blush, dirty, dusky, baby, hot, pale…the list goes on…. there is something to suit most tastes.

wedding florist, wiltshire

gorgeous pinks, bright & brash.

If you are getting married this year and would like to chat to us about your plans and ideas, we’d love to hear from you! You can contact us hear or call the shop on 01225 580271, we can’t wait to start helping you plan your flowers.

Softer pink dahlias, mixed with roses, herbs and white achillea.

Softer pink dahlias, mixed with roses, herbs and white achillea.