British flower week

Bath, British flower week 2017

British flower week is here, how are we already in the middle of June! I don’t where you are but Britain is experiencing a rather delightful heat wave, I’m sat at my computer writing this blog-post and melting in the process. However, the garden is LOVING the heat and colour is everywhere to be seen in the Not So Secret Garden. Sweet-peas have begun flowering and the plants are only a couple of inches tall. The sweet-williams are over and we are having the deadhead the cornflowers like crazy in the heat.

British flower week is a fantastic campaign started in 2013 by New Covent Garden Flower Market. Very simply, it’s ethos is –

We aim to, showcase great British flowers through great British floristry. Raise awareness of which British flowers are in season when and encourage the public to buy more British flowers”

I don’t think you can put it more simply than that really, so here’s a few snippets of our flower garden related news for you to enjoy!


British flower week, wiltshire

The garden team are hard at work

We recently did our first wedding using all British Flowers and it was fabulous, using flowers from our garden and another local grower we decorated a gorgeous Church in Great Coxwell. People do ask why use British grown flowers and I always reply that you will get arrangements that are unique to you. No two bouquets that we create at Young Blooms are the same when using flowers from our garden.

Wiltshire, British flower week

Taken by one of our fabulous Brides who came to visit

Our British flower bride came back to visit the garden after her honeymoon and snapped this picture above. You can see the bouquet she carried here. I can tell you now, making that bouquet was an absolute pleasure, it came together beautifully and the bride loved it.

Bath, British flower week 2017

A floral archway celebration

We created this archway over the weekend, it was a great talking point to get customers chatting about flowers we have available from the garden. It’s a design that it so unique and beautiful, how perfect would this be to invite your guests through to your wedding!!

In celebration of this week of British flowers, we are holding a workshop at the lovely Pear Tree Pub at Whitley this coming Wednesday, there are still a few tickets so do call 01225 580271 if you like to book a ticket.