Planning your wedding flowers

Huge congratulations if you’ve gotten engaged over the festive period, it is such a fabulous feeling to be engaged so enjoy this time for all it’s worth, crack open some champagne and celebrate in style!

To help you as you begin to plan the great day, we thought it would be helpful to look at some of the trends and inspirations for 2017. Flowers can feel like an overwhelming part to plan if you don’t know much about them! Our starting point is the ‘Pantone’ colour of the year for 2017

Bath, wedding flowers

Green is refreshing

Now you might think green is dull and uninteresting, but have a look here on our pinterest board and see what you think? I think some of the most stunning bouquets I’ve seen are made entirely of foliage, they can be so elegant and structural. Greens can be such a strong statement, whether you go for the wild foraged feel or tropical leaves that can be very luxurious in style.

This year we took over the windows of the fabulous Flossy & Willow Bridal dress studio and created a rather gorgeous green arbour. This could be a unique design for any couple to get married under?

wedding flowers, bath

Green windows are totally on trend


British flowers

Our British flower celebration


Another exciting trend that we read about and kind of knew ourselves at Young Blooms is British flowers, they have certainly been on the up for the last couple of years and we are beginning to see some amazing growers in the South West and beyond! We do love having our Garden  and are excited for what the new year will bring. We love that we can pick flowers for a wedding, walk about 10 metres up to the shop and arrange them into designs. I don’t think you can get more fresh and local than that!


Bath, British flowers.

Flowers all from our garden…

British flowers are so much a celebration of the countryside. I love that when we use flowers from our garden, the designs become so much more unique as they are completely one-off designs. Our patch is small, but full of life. The roses have scent, the herbs are gorgeous and the sweet-peas are to die for.

That’s just a start on some thoughts for your wedding flower plans, if you want to take if further then why not look here for more inspiration…