Love and romance

Valentines flowers, bradford on avon

February can be such an odd month, even more so because this year we have Valentines in the middle then three weeks later Mother’s day is happening and as a florist that is quite crazy to get your head around. How do you feel about Valentines, I know I hate the inflated prices if you attempt to go out for the meal. The feeling that you have to ‘be’ romantic on that day, I guess the way I look at it is that the history of the day itself is quite unusual and romantic! Apparently one of the stories goes that St Valentine of Rome was imprisoned because he performed weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry! Now there is a man who knew how to live dangerously for love…..

Valentines flowers, bradford on avon

Stunning peach ranuculas

My advice for any anyone struggling to know what to get this Valentine is to keep it simple! If your loved one is a traditionalist at heart then get her/him this, however if that really doesn’t do the job then pop into our shop if your local or find a good florist nearby where you live (cause obviously it’s good to support local business) and buy an armful of beautiful tulips. I know I would be happy with a bunch of these stunning peach ranunculas pictured above, but above all make sure you say I love you and have hugs and kisses a plenty!

Have a great week and Happy Valentines day to you all!