Planning your wedding

Your newly engaged and there is a lovely sparkly ring on your finger, congratulations to you! We love weddings at Young Blooms and I thought a helpful blog might be on planning your wedding flowers and where to begin! It can be hard for couples to know where to start with flowers and so I always ask what kind of day they want to have! Will it be a formal occasion or relaxed and informal, see what you think of the photos below.

wedding flowers, wiltshire

A formal design for a top-table reception at Orchard-leigh

The above style of flowers might not be your cup of tea at all and a more relaxed design as below maybe more your style. It’s always good to think as much about what you don’t like as opposed what you love.

Wedding flowers bath

British grown flowers for a tipee wedding

.I’ve dived straight into sharing these reception flowers ideas but what style of wedding you want is an important question as it will shape your ideas on quite a few areas. The style will also be dictated by the venue you have chosen, it might be that you love barn style venues or think fabulous places like the pump rooms in bath tick all the boxes.

The next area I begin to look at with couples is colour! I have to send the groom off for a wander round the garden as we talk about the dress! It might be that you chosen a dress that calls for something fabulous and full of colour.

Bath, wedding flowers

Full of colour and interest

Or you want something simple and understated, a bouquet that you will feel relaxed carrying down the aisle like below. It is hard planning a wedding and feeling like you have to please certain people. When it comes to flowers I always try and get couples to think about what they love, flowers can say so much about people so carry what you love!

Bradford on avon, wedding flowers

A simpler design and colour palate.