Planning your wedding part two

I wanted to look again at planning your wedding flowers, in my last post I began to look at style & colour. You’ve booked your venue, the dress is ordered on you have decided on the colour of your Bridesmaids dresses. Your well on your way but what is the next stage to think about with regards to your flowers?

Wedding flowers, Young Blooms, wiltshire

The next stage is to find a florist that suits your style, recommendation is always a brilliant way to find what you’re looking for. But if that is not possible then there are some fabulous resources online. Start by looking here, the little black book for Brides which has been created by Love My Dress is a brilliant guide to wedding suppliers.

When couples send over enquiries I am always keen to arrange an appointment as it’s always easier to get a feel of taste and style when meeting face to face. You can come to Young Blooms shop and over coffee and biscuits we can begin to plan your day (you might even get to meet the hound if he is on his best behaviour)

Bath, wedding flowers

Winston on his best behaviour

You’ve already begun to think about the style and feel of the flowers that you want in your venue, so you begin to get down to the finer details. Do you have favourite flowers, are their certain flowers that you HAVE to have in the house, is there a special flower that means a lot to you and your family. Are there flowers that you have to avoid?

These are all questions to think about, as I meet brides who are happy to say ‘you know what I love purple and orange can you create me something fabulous’ to other Brides who know exactly what they want down to the type of pins that will hold the ribbon on their bouquet. There is neither a right or wrong way to approach, so just dive on in!

Always good to find places that you give you plenty of inspiration and Pinterest can perfect! Bring pictures and create boards so that we can see what you love!

Before starting at the beginning of any meeting it’s good to have some numbers ready, how many Bridesmaids are you having, do you know how many Chaps will be wanting Buttonholes in your wedding party? These are all important details so do make a note and you can always double-check with your parents or your chief Bridesmaid!

Once those details are out the way I begin talking about the all important Brides bouquet, we have an extensive portfolio for couples to look through and we can chat through pinterest pictures and I always make sure to have plenty of magazine inspiration available.

Wedding flowers, South west

Bridal bouquet using Baronesse roses, honeysuckle & ivory spray roses.

In part three of this series I’ll look at your picking your bridal bouquet in greater detail.