Planning your wedding part three

So I mentioned there would be a part three of this series, looking at planning your wedding flowers and the all important bridal bouquet! Where do you start, how do you know what flowers to use, what size bouquet should you have? All these questions are important and worth thinking about.

wedding flowers, wiltshire

Stunning peaches and creams bouquet

wiltshire, wedding flowers

Vintage roses really are the best

Bath, wedding florist

This more a free-form style bouquet

To start us off I’ve just put a few bouquets up for inspiration! A lot of brides I meet have used pinterest to gather ideas of what they like, pinterest is a fantastic inspiration and I love to see what the possibilities are available. So as I have mentioned before, always start gathering ideas before you go to any meetings. If can give us a good idea of what style your thinking about.

One of the things I love about my job and I know I’m stating the obvious is that every Bride has different ideas for their day, especially when it comes to the bouquet. We all love different colours, we love different types of flowers, we choose different dresses, we have different amounts of money that we want to spend on our flowers. All of this combined, makes for interesting conversations.

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give about wedding flowers is always be flexible in your thinking, listen to the ideas that your florist has and see advice she or he can give. It’s ok to change your ideas!

Wedding flowers, bath

A bouquet made from flowers in the Not So Secret Garden

So here are my top five tips when thinking about your bouquet

  1. Go with flowers that inspire you and that you love, you don’t need to please everyone when it comes to your flowers..
  2. Put flowers that have meaning and are special to you in your bouquet
  3. Think about the seasonality of your flowers and be realistic, unless budget is no issue.
  4. You want big and fabulous, then go for it.
  5. If you only want one type of flower in that’s fine, anymore than six or seven different types of flowers then you might be going slightly over the top.