How to create the perfect floral display for your wedding ceremony

I wanted to look at how to create a display that works for your wedding ceremony, a display that will look stunning for you to get married in front of. Obviously as you walk up the aisle you want everyone’s eyes on you, but it’s worth thinking about when your standing with your husband to be saying your vows and the cameras are snapping away, what is going to complement your setting in a floral way. We seen some really creative ideas to have on and around your ceremony table, however we recently sourced this rather fabulous vintage window and thought it would make a rather stunning display when dressed with flowers.

Wiltshire, wedding flowers

Greening up the window

Wedding flowers, bath

And so begins the construction

We decided to construct the display outside the shop as it was a rather lovely talking point, so you will have to forgive the hats, scarves and gloves as it was very cold! We used an oasis sausage garland wired onto the window, first we greened it up using berried ivy, eucalyptus and jasmine.

Wedding flowers, wiltshire

We started to add in the flowers.

You can see from the flower selection, we went for soft blues and very pale pink. I had bought some very delicious ranunculas and couldn’t resist adding those in. We also had stocks and Delphinium, thistles and a small amount of broom which has a lovely summery scent.

bath, wedding flowers

The finishing touch is always a cute hound.

And here is the finished creation, how fabulous would this be to get married in front of, what do you think?