British flower celebration part two

I wanted to carry on the celebration of British flowers and look at some of the table-centres we have created using flowers from the Not So Secret Garden.

Hartley Farm-shop, British flowers

Fabulously vibrant table design

This design above used cosmos, zinnia and dahlia from the garden with some vintage style hydrangea. It’s a taller arrangement as you’ll see from the photo below, if this puts you off then we have found a good compromise with the tables at receptions is to have some tall designs and some lower designs. Then I think you get the impact as you walk into the room but also it doesn’t feel crowded!

British flowers, winsley

Vibrant but luxurious in design

We recently did a buying trip to Covent Garden Flower market in London! It’s a fantastic place to get inspiration and find new ideas, it just doesn’t help that you have to leave at 3.30am in the morning to get there and back!

Peach has been such a fabulous colour through the summer season for weddings and I hope it continues long through 2016, it a refreshing colour and just looks gorgeous next to rich Burgundy and oranges. I filled the base of this low design with mint, sage and eucalyptus so its perfect for scent and colour impact on your reception tables.

British flowers, Hartley farm-shop

Autumn shades

Nothing shouts Weddings louder than marquees, long benches, buckets of pimms and jam-jars of cottage garden flowers in the summer sun! These table designs below were a fabulous lady who works next door to us at Hartley Farm. She is Kate Collyns and is an organic vegetable grower extraordinaire!

wedding flowers, Bradford on avon

Gorgeous mix of flowers all gathered in a jam-jar

We had a photo-shoot earlier in the Summer in the Not So Secret Garden and this was the table design we created for it below! You’ll see the jam-jar design works well with the cottage garden style but I think what I love more is the quirky elements you can create for your day! We edged the recycled lampshades with cornflowers, sweet-william and dahlia, it was a talking point for all the guests!

Wedding flowers, bath

Perfect British flowers wedding table

For the final design I wanted to put on was the Storm lantern, created by Charlotte our Young Blooms Intern! You can follow her on Instagram as she shares her journey of learning, designing and creating flowers!

Wedding flowers, Winsley

Larger scale design