I realised late last night that it was the day before our Wedding Anniversary! My Husband and I have been married now for eight years, we got married on the 6th May 2007 if my maths is correct! We are fairly rubbish at remembering our anniversary!

As you can see we look delightfully young, dazed and happy as we had photos taken, it was very strange to have someone sitting next to you who is now your husband! Took some getting used to.

We attended an old university friends wedding at the weekend & it always makes me think about our day and really how much the wedding day itself is only a tiny part of the fun!

The heavens opened on their wedding day, I managed to snap this photo which is not the greatest! You can see the rain damage to the dress…

But the weather didn’t matter one bit as we heard the groom give his speech, he spoke so adoringly about his wife and how she completed him! We were all shedding tears as we toasted the happy couple!

Life has continued for us and through the eight years we have had some fabulous highs and fairly awful lows buts that’s a story for another day. We have collected two animals, Winston the hound and George the cat!


I’m looking forward to the next 8+ years of marriage. To have someone who is your best friend to share life with, who is there for you through the good and rubbish times is amazing! I love hanging out with my husband and I firmly recommend marriage to everyone!