Chapel designers ~ London 2015

Your’ll have seen from our facebook page that I’ve been at Chapel Designers London 2015!

I genuinely had no idea what to expect, but have had three of the most humbling, intense and unique days. It’s an event that is designed to inspire, encourage and support florists to keep developing themselves and it certainly did that.

I’ve spent three days with 14 other florists meeting some of the most amazing florist such as Simon Lycett Robbie Honey Susanne from the the Blue Carrot . We got see them doing demos of their work and ask as many questions as we liked. It was such an open and encouraging event!


This was the incredible piece that Robbie Honey created for us.

The entire event was the brain child of Holly Chapple seen above talking to Mr Honey. Being one of the top event florists in the USA, it was fabulous to watch her work, see her talk about how she has grown her business! Fairly awe-inspiring! Nick from Mood Flowers was the man to bring the London chapel designers to fruition, so between Nick and Holly it was pretty great!

Running your own business can sometimes be the hardest and trickiest thing, so going to inspirational events like this is certainly the way to motivate you to keep being creative and pushing you forward!