My three favourite peonies

Following on from being featured for our peony wedding flowers on the award winning wedding blog ‘Love My Dress’ I thought I would pick out my top three favourite peonies. Peony season doesn’t really start till the beginning of May and it has to be one of my favourite times of year! My husband can always score brownie points if he buys me peonies! I think I’m writing this to try and encourage the warmer weather to come.

Wiltshire wedding flowers Young Blooms

Sarah Bernhardt peony


The Sarah Bernhardt peonies are utterly gorgeous and romantic. They arrive into our Shop tight as bullets at the beginning of the season and we have spent many a day teasing the petals out and encouraging them to open. As you get towards June then they come into the market already blousy and lovely, ready to use straight away.

Young Blooms wedding flowers

Coral Charm peonies

These are Coral Charm peonies are my favourite by a long shot. They don’t have as many petals as the Sarah Bernhardt and are not really scented at all but the colour makes up for that. The best time to use them is just as they are about to pop open. Once they have opened unless they are in water they don’t tend to last so well. Shame you can’t get them over Valentines as I would be content with a bouquet of them.

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Red Charm Peony

I think these burgundy peony are incredibly luxurious, they don’t tend to come into the market until later in May. Again the best time to use them is when they are just about to pop. They are less scented than the Sarah Bernhardt peony but I think they equal them on the yummy stakes!