Peach. Friend or foe?

Do you ever look at wedding photos from years ago and cringe? You know which ones I mean, in the 70’s and 80’s? With the big frilly peach bridesmaid dresses and equally large perms to go with them? Our parents tell us they were the height of fashion at the time and we can’t possibly believe it!

Classic 80's Wedding

Classic 80’s Wedding


But fashions change so quickly and everything comes back around. For example, when I first trained as a florist Peach in my opinion was an interesting colour choice.

It’s funny how that one colour could be a throwback to a decade I will never understand; a decade that is the reason fashion SHOULD keep changing because not all trends are a good idea! And yet peach has become this versatile colour to me, I no longer place it in to a design and think “bleeuurghhh!” Have I gone mad? Or has Peach been punished enough?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s always interesting to see the outcome of a wedding that involves a colour that you’re unsure of! On Sunday we had the pleasure of being the florist for a large wedding in the centre of Bath with the colour scheme of – you know what I’m about to say – peach! The venue was rather large which means floral arrangements can be easily lost, but the peach worked perfectly, it really drew your eyes in to the designs and created an interesting focal area.

Wiltshire wedding flowers Young Blooms

Beautiful peaches and cream table centre

The table centres consisted of a really soft colour palette, the designs themselves were sat on delicate cake stands in varying sizes and the gold table runner made it feel really warm and luxurious. The mixture of peach roses and soft pink orchids created a fresh look that didn’t even whiff of the 80’s! The whole room looked beautiful and the colour scheme was a huge part in that.

Peach has really changed for me now, I see the potential in the colour I’ve snubbed for so long! My eyes have been opened to the possibilities of 80’s fashion, maybe there’s more of it I will now appreciate again? Perhaps, but you wont be seeing me with a perm just yet! Anyway! I think it’s time to drop the stigma and embrace our peachy friend for what it can bring to floristry and fashion!

Hollie x