How to get the perfect Valentines bouquet

Valentines day can be a tricky time to get right, everyone is looking for the right present that says what they want it to say. I’m normally useless and manage a card & that’s about it {though the excuse of being a florist at this time of year is a good thing, combined with an understanding husband.}Wiltshire florist Young Blooms Valentines


When picking the flowers, it’s always good to think about what they like. Are they the classic kind, do they love an elegant look to their flowers? If so I would pick the above, its stylish and to the point.

Though don’t always assume you have to go with the red rose option, you might find that your partner likes something completely different. I don’t think you can go far wrong with something like the arrangement below. It has some fabulous cymbidium orchids, elegant red roses and broom {Broom is the spiky stuff & has a lovely scent, just in case you weren’t sure.}

Have fun choosing and do remember to check here for some more floral options.


Wiltshire florist Young Blooms Valentines