So the festivities begin…





It’s been a fantastic week last week and I can’t quite believe we have just about finished the first week of December. It’s been fairly non-stop at Young Blooms HQ, we’ve been decorating non-stop, while having a rather lovely lady in for work experience!! Do check out our Christmas online shop
there’s lots of ideas for gifts to send.

I love this time of year as people begin to think about decorating the house, getting a tree and putting a wreath on the door. We had a rather lovely gift of freshly plucked pheasant feathers in the shop this morning! I put them straight on a rather stunning door wreath which got delivered over to Newton St Loe Farmshop I’ll post a picture of it in my next blog!

Hope you have a lovely rest of your weekend! We are off to the cinema tonight, I think to see ‘The Butler’!